A preacher was visiting with a man who had been a member of the church where he preached for many years.  The man said, “I think it is a waste of time to have preaching.  We should just sing, pray, take communion, give our money and go home.”  When the preacher asked why preaching was a waste of time the man said,  “I’ve been hearing preachers for the past 30 years, but I don’t remember the details of hardly any of them, so it’s a waste of time.”


The preacher then asked,  “How long have you been married?”  He said,  “30 years.”  The preacher then said, “If your wife averaged cooking 2 meals a day for those 30 years, you would have had over 20,000 meals.  How many of those meals can you remember the details of?”  The man said,  “Not many.”


The preacher then asked,  “Did not those meals contribute to your nourishment and good health over those years?”  The man said,  “Well, yes, I am sure they did.”  The preacher also asked,  “What would have happened if you had not eaten all those meals?”  The man said,  “I would probably have died.”


The preacher then said,  “While you may not remember the details of many sermons, have they not contributed to the spiritual nourishment and health of your soul?  The man said,  “I guess you’re right.  Without them, I would have died spiritually.” 


Is preaching or anything else we do in our worship and service to God a waste of time?  Did God waste His time  by sending Jesus to die for us on the cross?  The only time you have is what God allows you to have before you die.