May is one of the busiest months of the year.  There is Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations, weddings, yard work, planning vacations and changing jobs.  It seems that before one event is over we are already working on another.  But that is life.  Priorities must be set.

    Jesus told about some people who were too busy to follow Him.  The story is found in Luke 14 where He told of a great supper and invitations were sent out.  Excuses were made as to why they could not attend.  One had bought a piece of ground and could not come.  One had bought five yoke of oxen and could not come.  Another had married a wife and could not come.  Just too busy.

We might look at those people and think they were so foolish to refuse an invitation to the greatest supper ever given.  But at closer examination Jesus is talking about His invitation to come feast at His spiritual table in His kingdom.   People are still too busy to follow Jesus.

There was a time when people would stop their earthly activities to spend time with the Lord.  Sunday was truly the Lord’s Day and Bible Study and Worship were top priority in most families.  Farmers might have milked the cows early and put out some feed for all the animals, but they would then take the family to the house of the Lord.  They were never too busy for God.

Today we have all the modern conveniences and all the modern distractions.  Many find themselves too busy for God because they are too busy with the world.  Can’t we find some time in our busy world to sit through a Bible Class, devotional, worship or prayer service?  

What if God had decided He was too busy to send Jesus to become our savior?  What if Jesus had been to busy to come?  Are we really too busy, or just too worldly?