We often hear people say that they will condemn their father, mother, or other loved ones if they obey the gospel by being baptized as taught in the New Testament.  Others fear the repercussions from family and friends when they seem to go against long held traditions. 

It reminds me of the country store owner who had been using a yard stick to measure fabric for many years.  One day the weights and measures inspector came by to check his scales and his yard stick.  It was discovered that the yard stick was worn so much that it was one inch short of a yard.  He never intended to cheat his customers, but did so ignorantly.  He then had a choice to make.  He could keep using the same yard stick knowing it was the incorrect length, or get a new one that would give the correct measure.  What do you think he did?

Many people practice their religion in honesty and sincerity.  Some will learn that they have been honestly and sincerely wrong and will obey the truth taught in the New Testament.  Others will continue in error with full knowledge of the truth.  Remember that it was Jesus who said,  You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32

The man we know as the apostle Paul was first known as Saul of Tarsus.  He was devoted to the Jewish faith.  He even tried to destroy the faith of those who were becoming Christians.  He had to make a decision in his life to either continue in the Jewish faith or convert to Christ.  Acts 9 records the events that led to his conversion to Christ and obedience to the gospel in baptism.

If you are one who is struggling with such a decision ask yourself this question,  What would my family or friends do if they knew what I know?