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Have you ever wondered about the end of the world as we know it?

Have you thought about what it means when the Bible talks about Christ's return? Have you heard theories on The Rapture, The 1000-Year Reign or the AD 70 Theory?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would love to share this seminar with you.

The six topics below will be expanded upon in our seminar. 

The Truth About...

This series explores six known topics that we consider "false doctrines." These topics will be critiqued in greater detail at our seminar.


1000 Year Reign

The idea is that Christ will return to earth and reign in Jerusalem for 1000 years, but we'll discover through the scriptures the falsehood of this interpretation of scripture.

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The Rapture

This is the idea that all the Christians at the second coming will be "caught up" in the skies and join Christ for eternity.


The Battle of Armageddon

This explores the idea that the Battle referenced in Revelation is a literal battle on earth. We look at all the other symbolism in Revelation to explain, this too, is symbolism.


AD 70 Theory

This is the strange idea that in the year 70 AD, the judgement and end of the word, etc, occurred at the fall of Jerusalem. For some obvious and not so obvious reasons, we talk about why this concept is false.


Second Coming of Christ

Many have tried to predict when Jesus is coming back, but the truth is that only God knows when this will occur. So instead of spending time guessing, let's speak truth.


Final Judgement

Some believe they will not be judged at the end of the age, but this topic explores that judgement is certain, divine, universal and for each individual.


The Ruston Church of Christ has partnered with five of the best speakers and presenters in northern Louisiana to bring you these topics.


Don delukie

Preaches at Jackson St Church of Christ in Monroe, LA.


travis bookout

Preaches at Jackson St Church of Christ in Monroe, LA.


floyd johnson

Preaches at Huntington Park Church of Christ in Shreveport, LA.


Adam miller

Preaches at the Plain Dealing Church of Christ, Plain Dealing, LA.


travis arrant

Preaches at Archibald Church of Christ in West Monroe, LA.


jim davis

Preaches at Ruston Church of Christ, Ruston, LA.

Seminar Schedule

Take a look at our schedule. For a printable flyer with the schedule, click the download button below.