All Things New

When Paul was in Athens he encountered some of the most superstitious people in the world.  Included were the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers who wanted to know about the new doctrine Paul was proclaiming.  They said, For you are bringing some strange things to our ears.  Therefore we want to know what these things mean.  Acts 17:20  Luke then adds this comment in verse 21  For all the Athenians and the foreigners who were there spent their time in nothing else but either to tell or to hear some new thing.

It seems that many people are searching for something new all the time.  Long before they are comfortable with the last new thing they are already searching for another.  That is not so bad when it comes to clothes, automobiles, I-phones, and other new gadgets.  But when it comes to turning a deaf ear to the truth found in the word of God to searching for something new the consequences are eternal.

Because there are so many new doctrines, philosophies, ideas, and opinions, the truth often gets buried under the heap.  Sadly many people will turn a deaf ear to the truth just to be like those Epicurean and Stoic philosophers because they want to either tell or hear something new.

Long ago Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9  Since the beginning of time, man has found many ways to avoid keeping the will of God.  As time goes on and man slips farther and farther away from God, it becomes easier to keep looking for something new.  Maybe it is time to return to the old paths like Jeremiah wrote in Jeremiah 6:16 Stand in the way and see,  and ask for the old paths, where the good way is;  Then you will find rest for your souls.

It is time to sing again the old gospel hymn Tell Me the Old, Old Story,  or, Tell Me the Story of Jesus.  It might be old, but to the child of God, it is greatest story ever told.

Jim Davis