A Tribute to Mothers

I want to be a mother like…

Hannah who prayed that God would give her a child and then dedicated that child to God’s service.

The Shunammite woman who could truthfully say of her child, “It is well with my child.”  Who could find such peace in her own heart and in her own home that she could say, “I am content.”

Jochebed who by courage and fore-thought protected her child from evil forces, and trained him to love God and God’s work above the wealth and power of a king’s court.

Rachael whose teenage son could resist the temptations of sin when he was far away from her guidance or her reproof.

Noah’s wife who could so instill in her three boys the principles of God that they could live right when all their companions were evil.

The Canaanite mother who cried unto Jesus that he might help her daughter.

Mary, the mother of John Mark, who put the church first in her home.

Lois who taught her child God’s word from infancy, and so molded his life that he became a faithful servant of the Master.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, who thought much though she talked little; whose submission to God’s will was so perfect and complete; who was ever concerned about His welfare and did not forsake Him when all others did but followed Him in love even to death.

from Helen Young

Jim Davis