Happy Thanksgiving!

Of all the holidays we celebrate in the United States, the Thanksgiving Day holiday is the most biblical.  Yes, more biblical than Christmas because biblically, there was no celebration in the New Testament church over Christ’s birth.  It was all about His death, resurrection and atonement for our sins.

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection.  It is most appropriate, as the harvest is being gathered in and as we look back over the blessings of the past year, that we pause to offer thanks to God, the giver of every good and perfect gift.  (James 1:17)

It would be ungrateful of us to forget the abundance of good things which surround us in this land of freedom and plenty, to say nothing of grace, of forgiveness and the richness of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, His Son.

Thanksgiving and praise are due to our God because He is the maker of all things.  He holds the universe in His hands.  He is the Rock of our salvation, and He watches over and cares for His people as a shepherd watches over his flock.

Throughout the ages, men of God have been filled with thanksgiving and have expressed their praise to God for his material blessings and His constant care for their well-being.  Men like David, Daniel, and Paul expressed again and again their thanks to God for all His wondrous works in favor of His people.  And Jesus prayed often, even all night at times.

The Psalms of David are filled with verses of thanksgiving and praise to God.  Daniel prayed for the people of Judah and asked God to forgive their wickedness and rebellion.  Paul prayed for the church and was thankful to be part of God’s family.  The prayers of Jesus are numerous.  He thanked God for food.  He prayed for Himself, His disciples and for us.  In all things He was thankful.  And we should be too.

Jim Davis